4 Steps to Picking Your Deep Sea Fishing Bait

Fishing BaitAt Labrador Fishing Charters, we love deep sea fishing. Every day on the water provides us with a new adventure. We never know what we’re going to encounter and that is one of the best parts!

Despite not knowing the adventures that await us, we like to be prepared for anything. This includes being prepared to fish with various types of bait – both live and artificial baits. We know everyone has his or her own bait preference when it comes to fishing, but here’s a simplified, four-step guide for picking out the best bait for your deep sea fishing charter.

Step #1

Pick out your bait based on the fishing you’ll be doing. The bait you use for trolling is generally going to be different than the bait you use for bottom fishing. For example, the bait used to catch tuna is going to be different than the bait used to catch red snapper.

If you plan on doing one or both types of fishing, make sure you’re prepared with the right kind of bait. If you’re a first timer, be sure to ask the fishing charter before you go, or find out if they provide the bait for your charter.

Step #2

If you’re going to be trolling, you can use live and artificial bait. If you do go with artificial bait, just make sure they are bright in color, which helps attract fish, and make sure it has the ability to move around.  You can also buy extra attachments called skirts, that’ll reflect the sunlight and make the lures more attractive to the fish.

Step #3

Again, you’re going to want to have a combination of live bait and artificial bait on hand while deep sea fishing. If your artificial bait isn’t working, move on to your live bait. Bait that’s good for tolling includes cigar minnows and shad.

Step #4

If you’re going to be bottom (or still) fishing, you can use fresh bait or fish you catch that isn’t edible. Squid, frozen cigar minnows and small pieces of fresh fish all work well for bottom fishing.


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