Whale watching on a fishing charter

When taking a charter fishing trip in Mass Bay your guide on your fishing charter will be telling you to keep a look out for whales we see out here in mass bay. The guide will tell you the type of whale you fishing charter fisherman are looking at.
Humpback whales are one of the most beautiful whales to watch out there in Ma Bay.the guides will point them out

Great fun on a fishing charter

Taking a fishing charter in Ma Bay for cod fish and haddock is a great way to spend a day on a charter fishing trip a board captain Don boat the Labrador.
Charter fisherman will be filling there catch limits with a great day out fishing for cod and haddock with captain Don fishing on the bank for cod fish and haddock along with any other fish that they catch during there charter.Have a great day of fishing a board the fishing boat Labrador..

Mako shark and Giant bluefin tuna

Take a charter fishing trip out of Scituate Ma.for giant bluefin tuna and shark.this is a combination charter fishing trip.
Giant bluefin tuna are what Captain Don will take his fishing charter after first.Giant bluefin tuna feed at sunrise.Captain Don will set his fishing lures out in mass Bay and troll too the east side of the bank of Mass Bay.to hook up with a giant bluefin tuna hooking up with a bluefin tuna on the charter is a great way to start the charter.
The next half of the charter fishing trip is to get out to the east in Mass Bay and go charter fishing shark.
There are many sharks we can catch out there in Ma Bay.mako sharks are a great hook.mako shark can weigh over one thousand pounds.they can jump out of the ocean well over 15 feet high if you are good enough to get that mako in the boat.they are great shark to eat.
Thresher shark are great shark to hook up to in Mass Bay.thresher shark leap out of the water like the mako shark and the thresher shark is a great eating shark like the mako shark
The other great fighting shark and eating shark like the mako shark and the thresher shark is a shark called the porbeagle shark.
Porbeagle shark fight by trying to stay on the bottom.That takes a lot of power with the charter fisherman to get the porbeagle shark to the boat
Blue shark are a great sport fishing shark.they are not good to eat,but fun to catch.
Combination bluefin tuna and shark fishing charter in Mass bay.that is a great charter fishing trip to take with captain Don.This is a fishing charter trip out in Ma Bay.you charter fisherman won’t forget…

Striper fishing charters in Ma

Striper bass fishing is a great sport fishing charter to take here in Mass Bay. Take that fishing charter for big striper bass here in Ma.aboard the Labrador with captain Don,an exciting fishing charter experience one will never forget!
When fishing on a charter with captain Don for striper bass you will be hooking up with great size striper bass.that you will never forget fishing for big striper bass here on Mass Bay.Book a fishing charter for big striper bass

Giant bluefin tuna

Catching giant bluefin tuna in ma.is one of the greatest times you will will ever have on a fishing charter in ma.giant bluefin tuna can take hours to get to the boat. getting the charter fisherman to do what ever it takes to make his catching his bluefin tuna dream come true.a fishing charter for a bluefin tuna the charter fisherman will never forget

Four Great Reasons To Book A Mass Bay Fishing Charter This Spring

Fishing CharterYou’re probably just about ready to move on from the cold, snowy New England winter. We don’t blame you. Now is the time of year to daydream about the coming, much warmer months and how you plan to enjoy them.

While avid deep-sea fishermen are undoubtedly itching to get back out on the water, others shy away from what they mistakenly view as an “extreme” activity—especially so early in the year. Here are four great reasons to book a spring Massachusetts Bay fishing charter before the opportunity passes you by.

Enjoy the Weather

You might be tempted to put off a fishing charter until the warmest months of the year. Keep in mind that you’re going to be deep-sea fishing, not laying out on a beach with a cold Daiquiri. Many people actually prefer the milder temperatures earlier in the season. In any case, it will feel great as a follow-up to the frigid cold of winter. Get out there and take advantage early and often!

Start Your Education Early

If you’re a beginner, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy this type of fishing. We’ve seen it many times—addiction sets in and you’ll want to get out there as much as possible before packing back up in the fall. By starting in spring, you’ll give yourself the chance to learn and experience as much as possible if you end up really enjoying deep-sea fishing—and trust us, you will.

Get Back To Nature

It’s easy to forget how out of tune we are with our nature. There used to be a time when once weather permitted, fishermen rushed out to sea, eager to get the first big catch of the season. Get in touch with New England roots and act like you belong here! There’s nothing quite like the beginning of fishing season.

Beat The Crowds

Despite all the benefits of spring fishing, the majority of people still prefer booking their Mass bay fishing charter later in the year. That makes spring fishing a little less hectic and crowded. By booking earlier in the year, you can beat the crowd and enjoy a little breathing room.

If you’re interested in booking the best spring fishing charter in Massachusetts, give us a call today.


Reasons to Teach Your Children How to Fish

Fishing Got kids? Wish they’d get off their computerized devices and get some fresh air? Maybe it’s time you took them fishing.

Labrador Fishing Charters is a cool way to introduce your kids to the sport of fishing. It’s more exciting for them to go out on a boat in the ocean and try and catch a shark than it is to go to the local pond for sunfish.

The Labrador is a kid-friendly boat where all ages are welcome, including little kids and teens. Fishing in the “deep sea” is an adventure for people of any age, and it’s good to “start ‘em young,” so they can have both a love for and a knowledge of fishing to last a lifetime.

Fishing teaches patience. It also includes some wins (caught it!) and some losses (it got away!), which helps kids understand that life has its rewards and its challenges. Furthermore, fishing is a great way for people of different generations (grandparents, parents, kids) to bond over a fun, exciting, shared activity. Feel the ocean spray on your face as you see the birds around you and hear the hum of the motor– fishing is a multi-sensory experience that takes you away from the humdrumness of everyday life.

Labrador Fishing Charters takes you and the kids on a hunt for cod, haddock, mackerel and sand sharks. And there’s the opportunity to pull some lobster pots, too. Kids’ eyes go wide when they see sea creatures in person– a lot more impressive than a graphic on a screen.

From May thru September, Captain Don and The Labrador take groups out on the sea for some fishing excitement. Why not book your reservation now? Call 508-498-4716 today.

4 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Angler in your Life

Fishing CharterWith the holidays just around the corner – only 44 days ‘til Christmas, if you’re counting – NOW is the time to start thinking about what gifts you’ll need to get.

While we might not have the best ideas for the beauty-product lover in your life, there is one area where we can help you. In case you haven’t already gathered this, we can help you find the perfect gift for the angler in your life.

As a deep sea fishing charter, we are not only avid anglers ourselves, but we know what anglers love and hate. That’s why we’ve compiled four holiday gift ideas for this year. A little something for all types of fishermen, we know you’ll be able to check the angler in your life off your holiday gift list after reviewing our favorite gift ideas!

1. Cabela’s Advanced Anglers™ Tackle Bags: The perfect gift for the serious angler in your life, this tackle bag is available in four sizes. To learn more or to place
e an order, view the bag here.

2. LifeProof LifeJacket Float for iPhone: A great stocking stuffer or accent gift, this iPhone case will not only keep your phone safe from water damage and it will even float! Pretty cool if you ask us! Learn more here.

3. A guided fishing tour at Massachusetts Bay courtesy of Labrador Fishing Charters : We couldn’t create a list of ideas without adding one of our charters in! Whether you want to gift the whole charter or money towards a charter, that’s up to you, but all we know is your angler will love the chance to fish Massachusetts Bay! Here’s more information about our trips and rates.

4. Tackle Grab Subscription: The gift that keeps on giving; give your angler a year-long subscription to Tackle Grab and you’ll surely be the hit of the holiday! This is an especially great gift for the angler who has it all!

Have more gift ideas for anglers? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!


Tuna Fishing in the Massachusetts Bay

TunaMost people only know tuna from small, round cans they buy at the store. They have no idea what an actual tuna fish looks like. Labrador Fishing Charters takes people tuna fishing in Massachusetts Bay for full or half day trips seven days a week from June through November.  These trips are awesome ways to show people–especially kids–what an actual tuna fish looks like in real life. Many of the tuna fish are huge. How huge? Well…

Just recently, a 12-year-old girl gained worldwide attention by catching a 616-pound bluefin tuna off the coast of Nova Scotia. As you’d imagine, that’s something she won’t soon forget. It took her two hours to finally get the fish in the boat.

Captain Don Campbell of Labrador Fishing Charters loves taking people out on his boat–the Labrador–to catch tuna. As a commercial fisherman for over 30 years, Campbell will proudly tell you the biggest tuna caught from the Labrador weighed a staggering 925 pounds!  Can you even imagine hauling in a fish that big? It’s like catching a small car!

Tuna are fast and they put up a fight, making tuna fishing a lively experience for all aboard the fishing boat. Known for their strength and stamina, tuna are exciting to catch and Captain Campbell knows where to find them.

Why not book a tuna fishing trip with Labrador Fishing Charters this month? Get on the boat at Mill Wharf Marina in Scituate, MA, just a short drive from Boston. Call 508-498-4716 or email info@labradorfishingcharters.com to reserve your spot today.


October is a Great Time for a Guided Fishing Trip

kids03Captain Don Campbell of Scituate, MA’s Labrador Fishing Charters wants you to know that there’s still time to get your fishing fix in before winter. Why not take a fishing trip this month?

In the waters of Cape Cod Bay and Massachusetts Bay, there are several big fish just waiting for you to reel them in. Did you know the largest tuna taken on board The Labrador–to date–weighed 925 pounds? Imagine catching THAT. By the way, the tuna fishing season can run as late as November, so there’s still time…

Perhaps the coolest thing you can tell people for years and years and years is that you caught a shark. Captain Don Campbell can help you make that story come true. Shark fishing season lasts through October, and there’s still time to try and catch mako, blue, porbeagle and thresher sharks. Anyone of them would make for an impressive photograph– you’d want a photo to be able to show to your friends that you really, truly did catch a shark!

Finally, you should know that striper and bluefish are still around Stellwagen Bank and off of Race Point. Shouldn’t you be catching them? Yes, you should. Using lures, jigs or live bait, stripers and bluefish could be yours. October is as good a month for fishing as any.

Captain Don Campbell has more than 25 years of commercial and sport fishing experience in the waters of Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts Bay, and the Gulf of Maine. His boat, The Labrador, is a 32 foot long commercial fishing vessel with a new 325hp Volvo Penta diesel engine.

Call Captain Don Campbell at 508-498-4716 or email him at info@labradorfishingcharters.com to make your October fishing trip reservation today.