Charter fishing giant bluefin tuna

A great fishing charter trip in Massachusetts Bay is going after giant bluefin tuna. These giant fish can weigh over one thousand a day or a half day,to catch the fish of your life aboard the Labrador with captain Don and his guides on mass Bay to get the shot of catching a tuna.

Fishing charters cape cod

Charter Fishing Cape Cod Bay!”There is nothing like catching large bass with light gear or “sharkin” with standup gear!! Get in on the great Spring Cod fishing! Also: Tuna, Striped Bass, Sharks and Blues! Enjoy a day fishing Cape Cod Bay aboard the Labrador the fully set up to fish You’ll catch fish, and have memories that last a lifetime!

Big game fishing charters Ma

Here in Ma,big game fishing charters are a great way to spend a day out in Massachusetts Bay chasing big game fish
Giant bluefin tuna are a very special big game fish to take a fishing trip for,We catch giant bluefin tuna here in Massachusetts Bay that can weigh over a half of ton,
Big game fishing charters for sharks that is a great big game fish,we catch the biggest blue sharks in the world here in Massachusetts Bay. We catch thresher,makos,porbeagle shark,and the mightiest of all Jaws the great white. So if you want to catch big fish book a big game fishing charter with us labrador fishing charters.

Children fishing adventure

Drive the boat

Take your family out on a kids fishing charter trip and get your kids fishing driving the boat and hauling lobster pots. It is a fishing charter your children are not going to forget.

Giant bluefin tuna

Giant bluefin tuna fishing charters in mass Bay are catching nice fish in October.Bluefin tuna are making there run south.Book a sport fishing charter aboard the Labrador have a great day of charter fishing for tuna fish

Half day fishing charters Ma

Half day fishing charters in Massachusetts Bay aboard the Labrador is a great way to start your day. They are four to five hours. We go after striper bass blue fish sometimes tuna and shark. Lots of fun.

Giant bluefin tuna fall run

Taking a giant bluefin tuna charter fishing trip out in Massachusetts Bay is a great time to book a fishing charter trip. Tuna fish are making their fall run from the north.This is when the bluefin tuna are feeding heavy for there trip to the south or to the east to Europe. So book up a charter before the charter fishing season is over

The fishing charters

If you are looking for a great fishing charter trip to go fishing for shark,giant bluefin tuna,cod,haddock,striper bass,this is the charter boat to take princess are made by how much time you want to spend on the ocean. Take a look at my charter fishing trip cost get the charter fishing trip you want and the price your willing to pay.

Giant bluefin tuna

Giant bluefin tuna are showing up in a few miles off Scituate Ma
The charter fishing aboard the Labrador are having a great month catching giant bluefin tuna.
Book a tuna fishing charter this month have a great day out in Massachusetts Bay catching giant bluefin tuna