Kids charters fishing adventure

Take your kids out on a charter fishing trip aboard the Labrador.for a fishing charter your children won’t forget.
On a kids fishing charter the kids fish the bottom of mass bay and will be catching Cod haddock sea robins. Some of the best fishing around for kids to enjoy..

Children fishing charters

Take your kids out on the Labrador for a fun few hours catching bottom fish striper bass out in Massachusetts Bay. We even have lobster pots to haul up. The guides will help the kids the whole kids fishing charter trip. It is a great fishing charter for the family

Bluefin tuna to catch and keep

One great thing that the fisherman doing a charter fishing trip after bluefin tuna in Mass Bay the tuna fish must measure under 73inches if they catch one under that they can keep it.
Giant bluefin tuna caught by fisherman on the fishing charter on my boat get paid for the fishing trip after fish is sold

Mass bay giant bluefin tuna

It’s a great time going after big bluefin tuna in Massachusetts Bay the trip to get there takes a hour to get to the place where I like to fish.
When we start to fish we may troll or fish live bait in Mass Bay. The guides working with you will help when you hook up if you need it

Bluefin tuna are here

Labrador fishing charters are getting ready to chase after giant bluefin tuna the season is here.
Bluefin tuna are big strong fish when you hook one you better be in shape you will be in for a long fight. The bluefin tuna will fight for hours sometimes before you get him close enough to the boat and harpoon it to haul him out of mass Bay with your guides to help you get him in the fishing charter boat.and head back to Scituate harbor with your bluefin tuna

Striper bass in June

Take a striper bass fishing charter in June in Mass Bay.Big striper bass are feeding heavy in the area called peakedhill Ma Bay along with giant bluefin tuna. If you love to have a great day out on the ocean this is one of the best big striper bass fishing and catching.take a trip good day out

Striper bass fishing charters in Massachusetts Bay

The striper bass fishing charter is coming up at the end of May for a great season of striper fishing charters,when you hook up to a striper bass,you can feel the power in that fish. As he rips out the line off the do everything right you get him up onto the boat it is a great feeling.. take a trip this season. On the Labrador

Whales are here do a private whale watching charter

It is the time of year to book a private whale watching charter tour out in Mass Bay. To watch the big humpback whales and many other different types of whales that make there home in Ma Bay. Take a trip for a great whale watching trip aboard the whale watching boat the Labrador.A whale watching trip you will never forget