3 Reasons to Plan a Family Fishing Trip this Summer

kids-page-6It’s been a long winter for those of us along the East Coast. In fact, it’s been one of the coldest and snowiest winters in recent history. And while we’re gearing up for spring, now’s the time to start planning a nice late spring/early summer trip with the kids, and we have just the trip for you: a fishing trip for the kids!

At Labrador Fishing Charters, our children’s fishing trips are great for kids of all ages. And without tooting our own horn too much, here are three reasons to start planning a little family adventure today.

It’s Different

How many families do you know go on a fishing trip designed specifically for their kids? With us, we tailor our children’s trips to teach our young anglers about fishing for various species including cod, haddock, mackerel, sand sharks, and even lobster – we are in Massachusetts after all! Let your kids brag about their fun summer afternoon or full day out on the water, while allowing them to learn something new.

It’s a day of sun and fun

After a long winter indoors, you and your children will be ready to spend endless hours outside. Let them (and you) have the time of their life out on one of our fishing charters. They’ll surely get the stink blown off them, even if they get a little fishy. Just be sure to pack hats, sunglasses and sunblock for a full day of sunshine!

It keeps them sharp

Fishing is a sport that requires dedication, patience, and focus. Keep their minds sharp this summer with a nice fishing trip. We’ll teach your child everything they need to know about the basics of fishing, and they won’t even think of it as learning during summer break – win, win for everyone if you ask us!

These are just three of the many reasons to book a fishing trip created especially for kids this summer. Although it seems quite aways away, May will be here before you know it. Book your trip now, so you don’t miss out on an entertaining and adventure-filled day with your kids.

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