Are Fishing Charters Good For Novice Anglers?

kids page 7Everyone needs to begin somewhere, and you shouldn’t ever feel bad about taking every possible step to increase your ability in any trade.  As a fisherman, taking a charter cruise is an absolutely helpful experience.  Don’t count out the process of learning from experienced peers.  In any field of study, the absolute best method is to learn is from the more experienced.  This is ingrained in our human nature.  We learn best from copying — monkey see monkey do.  So to become the best at fishing, your first step, and hopefully not the last time you do it, is to watch others do it well and copy them.

When learning, one should understand the importance of admiration.  It is a major underlying force that will skyrocket your interest in a trade.  First off, a fishing charter places you among sea-hardened captains and crew that have seen it all.  They have grit and experience, and their level of coolness will make you want to work harder and better.  You will admire them, in short, which is another natural reaction in addition to copying them that has astounding effects on the way you learn.   You are more than likely to continue with your trade.  You have seen the other crew fishing everyday, and you’ll see that it can be done, and you’ll say — I can do that.  That’s the feeling you want to trust.  Be a novice, both in mind and in practice.  Listen and learn.

Then there is also the a bit of competition involved, especially if there are other learners on the boat.  Make sure to let this emotion fuel you.  Step up to any challenges on that boat and prove yourself to the Captain and Crew.  Competition is just another ingredient in the stew that is the human psyche.  Having other people involved is super, but having other people who are there to challenge you is what brings out the best in you.  Now, a challenge is an interesting thing to consider.   When learning, a challenge is something working against your goal of getting better.
If you would like to learn the art of fishing, go on a Labrador Fishing Charter.  Book one today by calling  508-498-4716 or 508-280-4796.



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