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Shark tuna fishing charters mass

The fishing is done in areas where sharks like makos and giant bluefin hunt for there food. This is why I offer up a combination fishing charter trip. Go after shark and tuna. Two of the greatest fish to catch..

Deep sea fishing charters mass

Take a deep sea fishing charter in mass bay for a great friend and family adventure.when you are looking for a great day out in Massachusetts Bay to catch the best eating fish in the ocean. Cod fish and haddock and what ever else is out there on your deep fishing trip,we have taken tons… Read more »

Whale watching tours Ma

Hi everyone that is interested in doing a private whale watching tour for the greatest way to see the biggest and most beautiful animals in the world. The giant humpback whales are here. May 14 is when my boat starts doing private whale watching tours. Book one out.

June giant bluefin tuna charters

June 1 is the opening day of Giant bluefin tuna. The tuna show up at the fishing grounds of stellwagen bank. Along with giant humpback whales,striped bass,shark, cod fish, haddock and Mackerel.great time to come and book a fishing charter trip

Whale watching and giant bluefin tuna fishing charters

Giant bluefin tuna fishing is done in the same area in Mass Bay as where the giant humpback whales do there feeding. Humpbacks are what the guides on the Labrador look for. When you see the whales feeding, fish that area for tuna fish. If the bait is there so will the tuna be there

Kid fishing charters in Mass Bay

Have great fishing charter time. On the kid Fishing adventure aboard the Labrador.The trip is all about learning from the guides how to catch fish and fighting them to the boat. On the fishing adventure we also have lobster pots for the kids to pull and take the lobster home they catch. Great time out… Read more »