Tuna Fishing is HOT

Tuna fishing has been outstanding this season for the big ones and for the small ones. Great strength in these fish is such a great sport fish to tackle!

Giant Bluefin Tuna Have been showing up on our fishing ground.  These fish are Lots of fun to hook up to.  


Giant sharks Taggart them on a fishing charter.

Taggart them on a fishing charter 30 miles out in the shock grounds. Shark Fishing Charters a lot of fun.Throw a 5 gallon bucket of chum in the water.Nothing like seeing peoples faces when those big sharks come swimming up that chum slick that we laid out. We watch you and help you battle that big shark that you hooked up to that was feed in that chum slick. A battle you will never forget. Book a Shark Fishing Charter this shark season out on mass bay

Big striped bass charters Ma

Great fishing charter

Great striped bass fishing charters in Ma book a striped bass fishing charter trip this summer season

Come and do a striper bass fishing charter.Take a Fishing Charter Chasen striped bass. We catch stripers they can way up to 50 pounds. Lots of fun book a fishing charter and go after stripers

Giant bluefin tuna charters Mass

Giant bluefin tuna charters Mass. Giant bluefin tuna are the toughest fish to To battle with. When you hook up to a giant bluefin tuna. You’ll be fighting the land the biggest fishYou may have a hooked up to in your lifetime. Book A fishing charter trip this season For a mighty bluefin tuna.This is a Fishing Charter you’ll never forget

Striped bass charters Ma

Come and take a Great fishing trip for striped bass. Out in mass Bay. The Guides on the trip Will give you light gear to bring in some of the biggest striper bass in Massachusetts Bay. We have half day trips in full day trips. Book striped bass fishing charter for a great day out.

Mako shark fishing charters Scituate mass

Take a Fishing Charter for Mako sharks. Out of Scituate Massachusetts aboard the Labrador. It’s a 20 mile ride to the fishing grounds to where The great Mako sharks hunt their prey. When you hook one of them will strap you in and watch you fight the mighty Mako

Guides for mass Bay

Guides for mass Bay Have a great way to learn how to fish on your boat with no experience. Hire a Guide from labrador Fishing Charters to teach you all the things you need to know to catch a fish. Available seven days a week. A guide for mass Bay