Mako shark Fishing Charters Ma

Mako shark fishing charters are here. Cape Cod Bay has warmed up the sharks like the warm waters and are hunting for their food. Mako sharks are The fastest strongest meanest sharks you can catch.a big mako can be over ten feet long. They can weigh over 1000 pounds. It’s an amazing shark to battle . Book a shark Fishing Charter have a great day out with your family and friends.

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Scituate deep-sea fishing charters Massachusetts

Doing a charter fishing trip aboard on the Labrador out of Scituate Massachusetts. We offer every type of fish you can catch in mass Bay as Small as a flounder and as big As a giant bluefin tuna the mightiest fish in the Atlantic ocean so book a charter have a time you’ll never forget on Labrador Fishing Charters

Charter fishing tuna Ma

Tuna fishing time is here. The giant bluefin arrive here in June. Book a charter, chase the mighty fish and hook one and have the greatest fight you ever had in your life battling the mighty bluefin tuna. Book Tuna Fishing Charter soon

Shark fishing charters Ma

Take it shack fishing charter this season out in mass Bay we chase thresher sharks mako shark porbeagle shark. These are great shark to catch and eat. Really hard to get to the boat takes a lot of effort we’ve had makos take three hours to get the boat.When you get done fighting them you’d be so proud of yourself winning the battle book a charter. See what it’s like

Whale watching tours out of Ma

Take a private well watching tour out of Scituate mass aboard the labrador enjoy a great trip out looking for the The humpback whale the fin whale and many other types of whales out on mass bay. The private whale watching tour heads out early in the morning. See the the humpbacks and all the other whales feeding.As you in joy all the other wild life on Mass Bay

Charter fishing fun fishing

Taking a charter fishing trip is a great time. Charter fishing season is here. If you want a great time something new to do. Take your family or your friends out on a charter fishing trip Out on mass bay. Enjoy a Sunrise enjoy the whales that you see on your ride out.Getting my charter party
on fish and watching their faces when they bring a giant fish on the boat and the fun they had doing it.It is such a great charter a fishing trip

Charter fishing trips

Take a charter fishing trip aboard the Labrador. It’s a fantastic time for friends and family to spend the day. When you take a Fishing trip Captain Don we’ll talk about what you going fishing for and where.

You catch fish on like tackle such as striped bass bluefish on heavy tackle you go after giant bluefin tuna giant sharks The day will be filled with adventure at the end of the day you realize it was money well spent anytime you fish with Captain Don on the Labrador