Kids have fun on fishing charters

A great way to spend a few hours with you and your kids. Is by doing a fishing charter that we offer. It is a three hour fishing charter that is the perfect amount of time for children.
With the kids fishing charter.The children catch what ever is going under the boat.The kids fishing trip has lobster pots they get to haul it the boat and as long as the lobster are legal size they get to keep them. They drive the boat and talk on the radio.
Before the summer is over book a trip. It’s a great way to spend a little time with your kids

Whale watching tours Boston Ma

The whale watching tours out of Boston Ma are good for a early morning tour looking for the humpback whales that live out on stellwagen Bank. Take a whale watching tour this summer and have a great day out in Massachusetts Bay

Sport fishing charters mass bay and guides

Take a sport fishing charter out on mass Bay and the guides aboard the boat the Labrador will help you with your battle with the fish you have on. Getting it to the and in to the boat. My guides work for you hard on the Labrador to in joy your fishing charter

Striped bass charters in mass bay

Take a fishing charter after Striped bass is a great way to start your day. Striped bass fishing charters have been great this season. The run is on. The Labrador has been doing great with the striped bass this season. The charter season is early book a charter have a great day out on mass bay

Giant bluefin tuna Massachusetts Bay

Massachusetts Bay is a great place where those giant bluefin tuna spend their time feeding on the bait fish from early summer to late fall. So if you’re interested in going out after giant bluefin tuna this summer or fall pick a day and book a fishing charter trip this summer or fall and come catch a giant bluefin tuna

Cod fishing charters ma

Fishing charters for Cod have been closed for 3 season.The cod stocks are low that is why the cod fisheries are closed. The Haddock stock is doing very well.The red fish,Mackerel,whitening, cusk,and other bottom are there for the taking. Book a deep sea fishing charter

Mako shark fishing charters

Mass bay fishing for Mako shark is best in July. Mako shark is a great shark to hook. The Mako is a big sport fish.These fish when hooked are unpredictable. They have been known to jump high in the are. Even jump in the a fishing trip for mako shark.