Haddock and cod fishing charters

Haddock and cod fish are some of the best tasting fish in the world. Come and take a fishing trip out in mass bay and fish for the haddock and cod fill up your cooler with those great taste if and have a blast catch them. On the way home to Scituate harbor.The guides on the Labrador will clean your catch up to take home

Whale watching tours

Whale watching tours out of the town of Scituate Ma. It is between the city of Boston Ma and Plymouth Ma.After taking a five hour private whale watching tour aboard the Labrador. Take and tour the town of Scituate Ma. Great places to eat and visit. Just a great place to go

Cape cod fishing

If you love Cape Cod, deep sea fishing, and have a variety of favorites to chase after, you’re in luck. The Labrador fishing charters produce exciting adventures no matter which type of fish you desire! With over 30 years experience, we specialize in cod, tuna, striped bass, and shark, and offer many other charters including pollack, haddock, halibut, wolffish, monkfish, and bluefish. Whether you are traveling to the area for business or pleasure, take some time and reserve a spot on one of our Cape Cod Fishing Charters. Enjoy a taste of the Cape cod.cape cod fish is a great place to see while you and your friends are going after fish you can catch take home and enjoy. Cape cod has beautiful beaches we fish a long. It is a great fishing charter trip to enjoy and remember with the great fishing charter you will have with Labrador Fishing Charters

Fishing charter Ma

Fishing charters are a great thing. To things that Labrador Fishing Charters offers is the knowledge of how and where you can catch the fish. The other thing is a great safe fishing boat. One thing along with the Labradors safety is. There is more than enough room out in the back of the boat to fish. This is so important for a fishing charter client to enjoy. Nothing worst than being on a boat with no room

Striped bass fishing charters

Big striped bass are a charter fisherman great day out on mass Bay the guides will help the charter party all day long boating there striped bass catch. Love the action out in mass Bay with big striped bass

Sport fishing charters Mass

Mass Bay sport fishing charters are a great way to get a fun day of fishing out in Massachusetts Bay or the gulf of main.we sport fish for shark bluefin tuna and striped bass in those areas, I have had a great deal of experience on finding sport fish out there. I have had great days with non stop action with giant bluefin tuna,with bluefin tuna that weighed over 1000 pounds. I. Have had 12ft long mako shark jumping 20 feet in the air and had my guides on the boat help the charter fisherman landed the fish. I have seen tuna fish schools as far as you can see crashing on the top of the water. I see whales feeding all around my boat well my charter man does battle with a striped bass. Take a sport fishing charter this summer with the Labrador. I promise you Fishermen a great day of sport fishing

Whale watching trips

Whale watching trips and fishing charters together are a great way to have a great day out in mass bay. I the first part of your adventure we will look for the giant humpback whales. Whenever we locate the whales. That’s the place where we are going to start watching them and fishing for giant bluefin tuna and other fish that may be feeding on the same food the whales are feeding on.

Mass Bay fishing

Mass Bay fishing is a great place where you can take great a great fishing charter trip. We chase and catch fish like cod haddock tuna sharks and anything else..the guides will set up the rods and reels you will be using to catch them. When deep sea fishing in Massachusetts Bay

Bluefin tuna

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is one of the open ocean’s fastest, strongest predators and the target of several small- and large-scale fisheries throughout its range. Historically reaching weights of up to 2000 pounds (900 kg) and lengths of nearly 13 feet (4 m), the Atlantic bluefin tuna is the largest tuna and easily the largest species in the mackerel family. Atlantic bluefin tuna eat a variety of prey but apparently prefer pelagic fishes and invertebrates that they can swallow whole.