Great white shark Mass Bay

The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), commonly known as the great white or the white shark, is a species of large mackerel shark which can be found in the coastal surface waters of all the major oceans. The great white shark is notable for its size, with larger female individuals growing to 6.1 m (20 ft) in length and 1,905 kg (4,200 lb) in weight at maturity.[3][4][5] However most are smaller, males measuring 3.4 to 4.0 m (11 to 13 ft) and females 4.6 to 4.9 m (15 to 16 ft) on average.[5][6] According to a 2014 study the lifespan of great white sharks is estimated to be as long as 70 years or more, well above previous estimates,[7] making it one of the longest lived cartilaginous fish currently known.[8] According to the same study, male great white sharks take 26 years to reach sexual maturity, while the females take 33 years to be ready to produce offspring.[9] Great white sharks can swim at speeds of over 56 km/h (35 mph),[10] and can swim to depths of 1,200 m (3,900 ft) we have caught and released great white shark. They are protected you can not take..

Short fin Mako shark in Mass Bay

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Shortfin mako shark
The shortfin mako shark[pronunciation?] (Isurus oxyrinchus), also known as the blue pointer or bonito shark, is a large mackerel shark. It is commonly referred to as the mako shark, as is the longfin mako shark (Isurus paucus).[1][2][3] The shortfin mako is on record as the fastest-swimming shark, capable of bursts of speed up to 18.8 metres per second (68 km/h; 42 mph) so when you hook a short fin mako you will be having the fight of your life. The other great thing is these shark will jump out of the water with the fight they can sky out of the water. Great fun. And great to eat to if you wish. My Guides will take care of it all for you

The porbeagle shark in Mass Bay

The porbeagle species of mackerel shark in the family Lamnidae, distributed widely in the cold and temperate marine waters of the North Atlantic and Southern Hemisphere. In the North Pacific, its ecological equivalent is the closely related salmon shark (L. ditropis). The porbeagle typically reaches 2.5 m (8.2 ft) in length and a weight of 135 kg (298 lb); North Atlantic sharks grow larger than Southern Hemisphere sharks and differ in coloration and aspects of life history. Gray above and white below, the porbeagle has a very stout midsection that tapers towards the long, pointed snout and the narrow base of the tail. It has large pectoral and first dorsal fins, tiny pelvic, second dorsal, and anal fins, and a crescent-shaped caudal fin. The most distinctive features of this species are its three-cusped teeth, the white blotch at the aft base of its first dorsal fin, and the two pairs of lateral keels on its tail. The porbeagle shark we target in the spring time here in Mass Bay great fighting Shark. Plus there a great tasting fish. If you catch one and boat it the guides will cut it up and fill your coolers with great food the porbeagle shark

Blue shark in Mass Bay

Although generally lethargic, they can move very quickly. Blue sharks are viviparous and are noted for large litters of 25 to over 100 pups. They feed primarily on small fish and squid, although they can take larger prey. Maximum lifespan is still unknown, but it is believed that they can live up to 20 years.The blue shark we catch the biggest fish in the world in Massachusetts Bay some over 10 feet long and 300lbs great fishing fun

Common Thresher shark in Mass bay

Common thresher sharks, Alopias vulpinus, are found in tropical and temperate temperate waters in almost every major ocean. They are found along the coast of North America from Oregon to Mexico in the Pacific Ocean and from Maine to Florida in the Atlantic Ocean.For catching Thresher shark have been showing up strong. the best I have ever seen in Mass Bay. Big big ones. There food is been staying all season where we fish,the Mackerel so when they stay around so do the Thresher

Sport fishing charters Mass Bay

Saltwater Sportfishing Charter Service in Cape Cod
We operate from Scituate Massachusetts, close to Boston and Plymouth. We can take up to six people per boat on our quality Cape Cod Fishing Trips. We have trips to the Stellwagen Bank, Cape Cod Bay and Mass Bay other offshore waters within New England. We are a full-time, 7 day-a-week, professional deep sea fishing charter business totally equipped to meet the demands from novice to experts. Unlike part-time charter boats, we are very good at what we do fine any fish for you would like to catch. From bottom fish like cod and haddock. To giant bluefin tuna to the great white shark.we do our best to catch what you’re after we have the greatest fishing guides working with you taking care of your needs while your fishing. They will bait your hooks. Help you get your fish in the boat. And clean them to put in your cooler.and hopefully you will book again

Fishing charters in Mass Bay

Charter fishing season in Mass Bay will soon be here. Great bottom fishing start up in May.We have great haddock and cod fishing grounds.Also this time of the year we have a big great shark to catch. It is called the porbeagle shark. It can reach heavy weights and many people take the porbeagle that has been prepared by the guides so they can cook it up for the family and friends when they get home from mass Bay fishing charter.