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Tuna Fishing in the Massachusetts Bay

Most people only know tuna from small, round cans they buy at the store. They have no idea what an actual tuna fish looks like. Labrador Fishing Charters takes people tuna fishing in Massachusetts Bay for full or half day trips seven days a week from June through November.  These trips are awesome ways to… Read more »

Why Deep Sea Fishing is The Ultimate Fishing Experience

There’s fishing and then there’s deep sea fishing. The difference between the two is night and day. Fishing locally is like visiting your neighborhood park with a little swing set, while deep sea fishing is equivalent to a trip to Disney World. While fishing at your neighborhood pond is mild and nice, it’s not deep… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Fishing

If you ask men and women what they do to relax, many will tell you they like to go fishing. Indeed, the health benefits of fishing are many, with the main one being a time to get away from the seemingly endless rush of modern day life and take time to relax, outdoors, surrounded by… Read more »

What is a Deep Sea Fishing Charter Like?

Here at our fishing charter service in Massachusetts Bay, we embark with deep-sea fishers of all levels. Some are relative beginners, while others have years and years of experience under their belt. Many are quite experienced in other types of fishing in shallower waters. For those without deep-sea fishing experience, here are a few things… Read more »

Are Fishing Charters Good For Novice Anglers?

Everyone needs to begin somewhere, and you shouldn’t ever feel bad about taking every possible step to increase your ability in any trade.  As a fisherman, taking a charter cruise is an absolutely helpful experience.  Don’t count out the process of learning from experienced peers.  In any field of study, the absolute best method is… Read more »

What are The Best Ways to Cook Fish?

For centuries, people have made fish a major part of their healthy, daily diet. Fish are typically high in protein and low in saturated fat, and researchers have concluded that eating fish is good for a person and their heart health. There are several ways to eat fish. Sushi—aka raw fish—is an option, but there… Read more »

Give Dad a Unique Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day happens every June, and most dads get…ties. That’s boring. Why not get dad a fishing charter off the Massachusetts’ coast? Captain Don Campbell of Labrador Fishing Charters has the patience, experience, and safety record to ensure your dad has a great fishing experience in Massachusetts Bay near Scituate, MA. Does your dad always… Read more »