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4 Steps to Picking Your Deep Sea Fishing Bait

At Labrador Fishing Charters, we love deep sea fishing. Every day on the water provides us with a new adventure. We never know what we’re going to encounter and that is one of the best parts! Despite not knowing the adventures that await us, we like to be prepared for anything. This includes being prepared… Read more »

How to Avoid Being Seasick

You’re out on the water, enjoying the weather, the fishing, and the friends who have accompanied you. However, it just takes one great bounce over a wave to ruin all of that fun! Getting seasick can hit quickly and is brutal enough to completely drain away your energy and enjoyment of the day. There are… Read more »

Tips to Become a Better Angler

You can read books and websites about fishing, but there’s nothing else quite like real-life fishing to help you become a better angler. Here’s a crazy idea that some people have actually done: offer to spend the day working—for free—on a fishing boat. Go to the docks, early in the morning, and approach some charter… Read more »

For the Novice Anglers

Deep-sea Fishing vs. In-shore Fishing A commonly asked question by our novice anglers is “what is the difference between deep sea fishing and in-shore fishing?”  The first answer to the question is an obvious one.  You go deep-sea fishing in deep water, and you go in-shore fishing in shallower water.  Generally speaking, fishing at depths… Read more »