Help Your Child Celebrate their Birthday with a Fishing Charter

Fishing ChartersA typical children’s birthday party these days involves going to a restaurant with a “play place,” where kids eat a little food and spend the rest of the time running around, playing games indoors.

Been there, done that? It’s time to mix it up a bit. Why not give your child the kind of birthday party that’s a bit different from their school classmates’ typical party?

Labrador Fishing Charters offers safe, fun fishing trips for small groups—a great way to celebrate a birthday on the water, in nature, with the thrill of catching fish. Plus, it involves a boat ride, which is something out of the ordinary for many youngsters—the kind of thing they’ll remember for years to come.

A typical fishing charter birthday party can handle six people with at least one adult, leaving the docks at 4pm daily from May thru September. You’ll want to make reservations beforehand, so Captain Don and his first mate know to expect you and plan accordingly.

Off the coast of Massachusetts, Labrador Fishing Charters will have you, family and friends together on the boat enjoying the sea breeze in your hair and the sound of the waves and sea birds.

This deep-sea adventure involves fishing for sharks, tuna, and lobster—or, for younger ones who may be a bit intimidated, the charter can stay closer to shore and look for cod, haddock and mackerel. It’s an entertaining and educational experience that makes for a most memorable birthday party.

A Labrador Fishing Charters’ birthday party is a way to get out of the house, get away from TV, video games, and smart phone screens, and enjoy time together on an adventure to see “what you get.” Plan ahead and reserve your date and time today.

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