For the Novice Anglers

Deep-sea Fishing vs. In-shore Fishing

A commonly asked question by our novice anglers is “what is the difference between deep sea fishing and in-shore fishing?”  The first answer to the question is an obvious one.  You go deep-sea fishing in deep water, and you go in-shore fishing in shallower water.  Generally speaking, fishing at depths of at least 30 meters, or 100 feet deep is considered deep sea fishing.   Although that is the easy answer, there are several other differences between the two.

The types of fish that you can catch in-shore or deep-sea fishing also are very different.  An angler out on the open ocean has the opportunity to catch a variety of big-game fish that are not found in-shore.  For example, while deep sea fishing, you may have a chance to catch sharks, blue fin tuna, and other pelagic species. Furthermore, during a deep-sea fishing expedition you may see some of the most beautiful sea creatures in the world.  You could run into a school of dolphins, who may actually guide you right to the tuna.  You may come across several different species of whales roaming the ocean.  Also, normally where there are whales, there are tuna.  You may even run across seals that will playfully follow your vessel and play its wake.  Seeing these splendid sea creatures will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Although in-shore fishing is a fun and relaxing hobby, deep-sea fishing can be a thrilling alternative.  It’s not too often that you have a chance to reel in a blue fin tuna, shark, cod or any other fish or pelagic that resides far from shore.   Deep-sea fishing simply provides an unrivaled level of excitement as you are on the prowl for a special catch.

It is always prudent to voyage with an expert Captain and experienced crew who know their fishing grounds intimately.  Seasoned Captains and their Mates use their vast knowledge and experience to bring you to the ‘hottest’ spots and help you make your big catch.  Take advantage of every chance you have to go deep sea fishing.  It will take your love of fishing to new heights.  It’s simply an exhilarating experience that you will never forget.

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