Experience “Shark Week” in Person at the Massachusetts Bay

Mako SharkMillions of Shark Week viewers tune in to the Discovery Channel phenomenon each year. Who knows why people get so excited and so thrilled about shark week, but they do.

Shark Week dramatically boosts Discovery Channel ratings and internet searches about sharks. Even YouTube shark videos see a spike around this time. Sharks are also a popular request in many restaurants. Many of them state that shark has been on the menu, but it hasn’t been extraordinarily popular until now.

Many restaurants are adding Shortfin Mako Shark to the menu, which is a slow-growing shark. Entrepreneurs in the industry find this “opportunistic”. There’s a huge profit in shark meat during shark week, and everyone wants a piece.

Despite its mass popularity, shark week, as one might expect, does create controversy as well. Specifically, many people and scientists were upset at an episode titled “Sharkageddon,’’ which had several inaccurate facts and portrayals. For example, the episode claimed that shark attacks may be correlated to turtle populations, a claim that this article quickly discredits.

Regardless, it’s hard to argue with the popularity of shark week and with our nation’s infatuation with these majestic creatures. The high demand for shark meat in restaurants is an example of that.

No doubt, restaurants will increase prices when shark week is still a hot topic, so you may want to consider fishing for your own. You could even head out on one of our guided shark fishing tours, for a wonderful chance to experience shark week for real, not through television.

To get an idea of why so many find shark week interesting, check out this clip from the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Cam”.

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