Fishing the Infamous Cod in Massachusetts

Fishing the Infamous Cod in Massachusetts

Cod is a very sacred fish species in the state of Massachusetts. Its importance began in the times of Native Americans living on the land, long before the first settlers set foot on what they “discovered” as America. In 1602, explorer Bartholomew Gosnold provided the name Cape Cod for the infamous location where he caught tons and tons of cod. Fast forward to the present and fishing for cod is a Massachusetts state tradition. There’seven a sculpture of the cod in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

However, there have been many restrictions placed upon cod fishing to ensure that there is a high number of cod for everyone to catch. The limit placed upon cod fishing has resulted in a decent number of cod available to anglers and casual fishers enjoying a charter during the summer months.

The Atlantic cod has a definitive body which makes it easily targeted due to three rounded dorsal fins and two anal fins that look exactly like the second and third dorsals. The Atlantic cod can reach lengths of 4 to 6 feet with inshore weights of 25 to 35 pounds, making it a very popular trophy fish.

Cod are usually found in water depths ranging from 200 to 360 feet in the summer and 295 to 440 in the winter. Cod do travel in smaller groups when going in search for food, but generally travel in very large schools in the temperate waters of the northern hemisphere. You’ll find April until the end of October to be the peak fishing season for this iconic fish, but cod can be fished year round.

If you want to take part in fishing for one of MA’s most beloved fish, then call us today to book a spot among one of our many charters.

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