Give Dad a Unique Father’s Day Gift

Father's DayFather’s Day happens every June, and most dads get…ties. That’s boring. Why not get dad a fishing charter off the Massachusetts’ coast? Captain Don Campbell of Labrador Fishing Charters has the patience, experience, and safety record to ensure your dad has a great fishing experience in Massachusetts Bay near Scituate, MA.

Does your dad always seem to do nice things for other people but all-too-rarely do anything nice or special for himself? This is your chance to get him a unique Father’s Day gift. And if you’re able to accompany him, it’ll be a great bonding time as you try to catch the ever elusive “big one.” Think about all the tall tales you’ll be able to tell friends and family about your adventure together on the high seas.

Most fishermen are used to their local pond or river—the minor leagues. Fishing on the ocean is major league. It’s not something most guys do on a daily basis, unless it’s their livelihood. With that in mind, this Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of a Labrador Fishing Charter. It’s time away from the humdrumness of life on land. Fishing on the ocean is a chance to be outside in nature, experiencing the sights and smells of offshore waters. And, of course, the challenge of hooking fish and reeling them in is one of man’s greatest and most rewarding challenges of all time. Wait until you see the light in your dad’s eyes when he catches a fish worth a picture that will proudly be framed and hung in the house for all to see his great accomplishment!

Call Captain Don Campbell at 508-498-4716 to book your dad a trip today. A fishing charter is always a better gift than a tie for Father’s Day—always.




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