How to Avoid Being Seasick

You’re out on the water, enjoying the weather, the fishing, and the friends who have accompanied you. However, it just takes one great bounce over a wave to ruin all of that fun! Getting seasick can hit quickly and is brutal enough to completely drain away your energy and enjoyment of the day. There are a few tricks you can try, however, to avoid becoming seasick!

1)    Eat breakfast! Yes, actually having something in your stomach before you set out on your voyage will actually help keep your stomach calm. Keep it bland and acid-free, and then drink carbonated liquids once on board the vessel.

2)    Medication! As long as the medicine is a meclizine-type then it will help to suppress the nausea. You would typically need to take it about an hour before launch to ensure that it’s in your system.

3)    Wristbands! Certain wrist accessories press on pressure points, that alleviate the nausea associated with seasickness. This pressure point is called the Pericardium 6, and it’s just above the wrist toward the inside of your arm.

4)    Keep busy! Once you’re on board, keep moving and offer to help. Keeping yourself busy and focused proves to be distracting enough. Don’t just stand still and concentrate on the motion of the water! Keep your own rhythm and keep focused on something specific, even if it’s just the far off horizon.

5)    Don’t sit still! This may sound similar to the previous tip, but many people think that if they just sit down and focus on reading, or watching something stagnant on the boat, they will be okay. False! Your brain will be confused by the overall motion despite being locked onto something stationary on the boat. Open up your senses and get up!

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