Mako shark and Giant bluefin tuna

Take a charter fishing trip out of Scituate Ma.for giant bluefin tuna and shark.this is a combination charter fishing trip.
Giant bluefin tuna are what Captain Don will take his fishing charter after first.Giant bluefin tuna feed at sunrise.Captain Don will set his fishing lures out in mass Bay and troll too the east side of the bank of Mass hook up with a giant bluefin tuna hooking up with a bluefin tuna on the charter is a great way to start the charter.
The next half of the charter fishing trip is to get out to the east in Mass Bay and go charter fishing shark.
There are many sharks we can catch out there in Ma Bay.mako sharks are a great hook.mako shark can weigh over one thousand pounds.they can jump out of the ocean well over 15 feet high if you are good enough to get that mako in the boat.they are great shark to eat.
Thresher shark are great shark to hook up to in Mass Bay.thresher shark leap out of the water like the mako shark and the thresher shark is a great eating shark like the mako shark
The other great fighting shark and eating shark like the mako shark and the thresher shark is a shark called the porbeagle shark.
Porbeagle shark fight by trying to stay on the bottom.That takes a lot of power with the charter fisherman to get the porbeagle shark to the boat
Blue shark are a great sport fishing shark.they are not good to eat,but fun to catch.
Combination bluefin tuna and shark fishing charter in Mass bay.that is a great charter fishing trip to take with captain Don.This is a fishing charter trip out in Ma charter fisherman won’t forget…

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