Reasons to Teach Your Children How to Fish

Fishing Got kids? Wish they’d get off their computerized devices and get some fresh air? Maybe it’s time you took them fishing.

Labrador Fishing Charters is a cool way to introduce your kids to the sport of fishing. It’s more exciting for them to go out on a boat in the ocean and try and catch a shark than it is to go to the local pond for sunfish.

The Labrador is a kid-friendly boat where all ages are welcome, including little kids and teens. Fishing in the “deep sea” is an adventure for people of any age, and it’s good to “start ‘em young,” so they can have both a love for and a knowledge of fishing to last a lifetime.

Fishing teaches patience. It also includes some wins (caught it!) and some losses (it got away!), which helps kids understand that life has its rewards and its challenges. Furthermore, fishing is a great way for people of different generations (grandparents, parents, kids) to bond over a fun, exciting, shared activity. Feel the ocean spray on your face as you see the birds around you and hear the hum of the motor– fishing is a multi-sensory experience that takes you away from the humdrumness of everyday life.

Labrador Fishing Charters takes you and the kids on a hunt for cod, haddock, mackerel and sand sharks. And there’s the opportunity to pull some lobster pots, too. Kids’ eyes go wide when they see sea creatures in person– a lot more impressive than a graphic on a screen.

From May thru September, Captain Don and The Labrador take groups out on the sea for some fishing excitement. Why not book your reservation now? Call 508-498-4716 today.

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