Short fin Mako shark in Mass Bay

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Shortfin mako shark
The shortfin mako shark[pronunciation?] (Isurus oxyrinchus), also known as the blue pointer or bonito shark, is a large mackerel shark. It is commonly referred to as the mako shark, as is the longfin mako shark (Isurus paucus).[1][2][3] The shortfin mako is on record as the fastest-swimming shark, capable of bursts of speed up to 18.8 metres per second (68 km/h; 42 mph) so when you hook a short fin mako you will be having the fight of your life. The other great thing is these shark will jump out of the water with the fight they can sky out of the water. Great fun. And great to eat to if you wish. My Guides will take care of it all for you

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