Sport fishing charters Mass

Mass Bay sport fishing charters are a great way to get a fun day of fishing out in Massachusetts Bay or the gulf of main.we sport fish for shark bluefin tuna and striped bass in those areas, I have had a great deal of experience on finding sport fish out there. I have had great days with non stop action with giant bluefin tuna,with bluefin tuna that weighed over 1000 pounds. I. Have had 12ft long mako shark jumping 20 feet in the air and had my guides on the boat help the charter fisherman landed the fish. I have seen tuna fish schools as far as you can see crashing on the top of the water. I see whales feeding all around my boat well my charter man does battle with a striped bass. Take a sport fishing charter this summer with the Labrador. I promise you Fishermen a great day of sport fishing

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