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Reasons to Teach Your Children How to Fish

Got kids? Wish they’d get off their computerized devices and get some fresh air? Maybe it’s time you took them fishing. Labrador Fishing Charters is a cool way to introduce your kids to the sport of fishing. It’s more exciting for them to go out on a boat in the ocean and try and catch… Read more »

Tips to Become a Better Angler

You can read books and websites about fishing, but there’s nothing else quite like real-life fishing to help you become a better angler. Here’s a crazy idea that some people have actually done: offer to spend the day working—for free—on a fishing boat. Go to the docks, early in the morning, and approach some charter… Read more »

Fishing in Massachusetts

Fishing in Massachusetts Fishing in the state of Massachusetts is a year round activity. Whether for recreational or commercial purposes, fishing in Massachusetts is a part of everyone’s lifestyle. You can fish in both freshwater and saltwater for some of the most desired catches that anglers dreams of. The top sought after species found in… Read more »

Tis’ the Season for Cod Fishing in Massachusetts

The Atlantic Cod has held the reputation for being one of the most sought after catches in Massachusetts. Fishermen from all over the country come to Massachusetts for a chance to reel in this amazing fish.   Cod has always been a large contributor to the Massachusetts economy.  In fact, because cod was so plentiful in… Read more »