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4 Steps to Picking Your Deep Sea Fishing Bait

At Labrador Fishing Charters, we love deep sea fishing. Every day on the water provides us with a new adventure. We never know what we’re going to encounter and that is one of the best parts! Despite not knowing the adventures that await us, we like to be prepared for anything. This includes being prepared… Read more »

The Health Benefits of Fishing

If you ask men and women what they do to relax, many will tell you they like to go fishing. Indeed, the health benefits of fishing are many, with the main one being a time to get away from the seemingly endless rush of modern day life and take time to relax, outdoors, surrounded by… Read more »

What is a Deep Sea Fishing Charter Like?

Here at our fishing charter service in Massachusetts Bay, we embark with deep-sea fishers of all levels. Some are relative beginners, while others have years and years of experience under their belt. Many are quite experienced in other types of fishing in shallower waters. For those without deep-sea fishing experience, here are a few things… Read more »

Tips for Mounting a Fish

The phrase “mounting a fish” might make some young boys snicker, but for adults, it means attaching a fish you caught to a wooden plaque so you can hang it up on the wall or display it for all to see in your home or office. In order to mount a fish, first you should… Read more »

What are The Best Ways to Cook Fish?

For centuries, people have made fish a major part of their healthy, daily diet. Fish are typically high in protein and low in saturated fat, and researchers have concluded that eating fish is good for a person and their heart health. There are several ways to eat fish. Sushi—aka raw fish—is an option, but there… Read more »