The Health Benefits of Fishing

Captain and Boat If you ask men and women what they do to relax, many will tell you they like to go fishing. Indeed, the health benefits of fishing are many, with the main one being a time to get away from the seemingly endless rush of modern day life and take time to relax, outdoors, surrounded by nature. You can fish from shore or on a boat, surrounded by water, fresh air, and, depending where you are, trees or mountains. It’s really serene.

Fishing is a great way to let go of stress. It takes a person’s mind off their problems, as well as their “headaches at work.” Indeed, a fishing trip is a respite from all that is wrong with the world. It’s man (and woman) versus nature, but not in a combative way– instead, it’s a fairly comfortable experience which involves some exercise and the chance to take deep breaths of air. The “thrill of the hunt” makes fishing psychologically interesting as a person asks themselves, “Will I catch something? What might it be?” When something gets caught on the fish hook, a person’s body experiences a pleasurable adrenaline rush. It’s a feel good moment.

Of course, fishing is never a “for sure” thing– sometimes fish get away. But, as people are apt to do in life, if one gets away, then “try, try again.”

Fishing involves using your fingers, forearms, wrists and hands to bait hooks, cast the line(s), and “reel ‘em in.”

Fishing can be a low-key affair, or it can be a lively adventure for the mind, body and spirit. If you’re the type of person who craves adventure on the high seas, and you’d like to catch a shark or a huge tuna for the fun of it, Labrador Fishing Charters near Boston is who you need to connect with– call Cap’n Don Campbell at 508-498-4716 to reserve your spot on a fishing charter trip on the ocean, with the sun shining down, the wind through your hair, and the combination of fresh air and salt water giving you the kind of euphoric feeling you dream about all winter long.

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  1. Ridley Fitzgerald

    It sounds like I need to go fishing more often. It does seem like a great way to get rid of stress, which is something I have a lot of. Maybe I should look at going on a fishing charter trip!


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