The Secondary Benefits of a Fishing Charter with Labrador



Just like there’s much more to attending a baseball game than the game itself, the same goes for a fishing charter. Yes, there’s the fishing, but there are also many other benefits from time spent out on the water.

First off, when’s the last time you saw the sunrise? Many people miss the beauty of the sun rising because they’ve got many other things on their mind and are “busy” with the concerns of daily life. With Labrador Fishing Charters, however, you finally get time out of your busy schedule to experience the sunrise, and enjoy the beauty of a brand new day dawning.

As you and your friends and family gather together to laugh, tell stories, and make bets on who catches the biggest fish, a Labrador Fishing Charter excursion is a chance to do something out of the ordinary. The adventure of traveling on a boat, away from the same old, same old of everyday life, is one of the best parts of the whole trip. It’s as if you’re leaving the work world behind, and entering a whole new world, filled with fish, salty air, and sunshine.

Fishing charters are not only a good way to get in touch with nature, but also a fine time to work on your tan, take great pictures to share with your connections, and hang out with some very experienced anglers who can tell tall tales about their adventures at sea. Bird watchers and whale watchers should keep their eyes peeled—you never Fishing Chartersknow what you’ll see on the high seas.

The “thrill of the hunt” is another important part of what makes a fishing charter an exciting experience. Will we catch something? What will we catch? When will they bite? How am I going to reel that huge thing in? Will that fish fit in a picture so I have full proof I caught it? Maybe we’ll get a huge tuna or a shark!

Do something out of the ordinary this year. Call Captain Don Campbell at 508-498-4716 to book your fishing charter—it’s time for an adventure at sea!

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