The Shark Fishing Basics

Shark ChartersFishing for sharks can be quite terrifying but that is what makes it exhilarating. This intense sport can make for a great pastime but it is crucial to remember that these are predators and your safety is more important than reeling in a shark that is unruly. With the help of some online experts, we have combined some things to take into account when you are out on the open water in hopes of catching one of these majestic creatures.


First and foremost, be sure to take extreme caution while on a fishing trip. Be gentle and careful when catching and releasing your shark(s). In addition to your safety, it is important that you don’t harm the sharks during the release. A hurt shark may become disorderly, causing injuries to you and your boat’s passengers or it may not survive against its enemies if it needs to defend itself later on.


To be successful in catching a shark, it is imperative to fish in the right locations. Sharks are more likely to be caught in deeper waters.. Piers are a great spot to reel in a decent-sized shark. This type of sea life tends to spend a lot of time around the docks of cleaning posts due to workers dropping unused fish meat into the waters.


There are also various tools and gear needed to catch a shark. A big, level-wind conventional reel will work best to reel in a shark. The leverage is more than double than a spinning rod and is extremely important when trying to hook a shark. For example, we typically use an 80 pound test and a steel leader to reel our sharks in. If a shark is hungry, the size doesn’t matter as much. Sharp, steel circle hooks are also preferred when fishing. Since you will likely release most of your captures, J-hooks tend to severely injure the creature and it will more often than not slowly die.

Of course, the best way to stay safe and still enjoy the exhilaration that comes with shark fishing is to tag along with an expert.  Labrador Fishing Charters offers guided shark fishing tours to anglers of all level.  The charter is an all-day experience, and it will surely be something you’ll never forget!


Whether you end up catching a shark or other marine life, the thrill is in the experience. Take safety precautions and have fun on your fishing excursion!


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