Tips to Become a Better Angler

Fishing CharterYou can read books and websites about fishing, but there’s nothing else quite like real-life fishing to help you become a better angler.

Here’s a crazy idea that some people have actually done: offer to spend the day working—for free—on a fishing boat. Go to the docks, early in the morning, and approach some charter boat workers, assuring them you’ll work hard and not get in the way.

If the Captain agrees to the idea of having you come aboard to watch and learn, you’ll work hard, have a fishing experience you can tell your friends about, and probably learn more in one day than a year of fishing on your own.

Another idea to become a better angler is to try fishing with lure and feathers, and then switch to live bait, and see the improvement. Keep in mind that lures are live bait imitators, and imitations are never as good as “the real thing.” If you ask most anglers, they will tell you that live bait is much more effective at catching fish compared to lures. Live bait can include mackerel, sardines, or live squids, among others.

Finally, you’re going to catch fish where other people catch fish. Instead of just going to a body of water and hoping to snag a catch if you “get lucky,” do some pre-planning. Talk to fellow anglers in the area at the bait shop, and ask where the best spots are. At the docks, if you see a charter boat, ask where they’d recommend fishing—or, better yet, go on a trip with them. They’d probably take you right to the best fishing spots since charters have sophisticated fish finding equipment, valuable fishing experience, and know the area well.

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