Tuna Fishing in the Massachusetts Bay

TunaMost people only know tuna from small, round cans they buy at the store. They have no idea what an actual tuna fish looks like. Labrador Fishing Charters takes people tuna fishing in Massachusetts Bay for full or half day trips seven days a week from June through November.  These trips are awesome ways to show people–especially kids–what an actual tuna fish looks like in real life. Many of the tuna fish are huge. How huge? Well…

Just recently, a 12-year-old girl gained worldwide attention by catching a 616-pound bluefin tuna off the coast of Nova Scotia. As you’d imagine, that’s something she won’t soon forget. It took her two hours to finally get the fish in the boat.

Captain Don Campbell of Labrador Fishing Charters loves taking people out on his boat–the Labrador–to catch tuna. As a commercial fisherman for over 30 years, Campbell will proudly tell you the biggest tuna caught from the Labrador weighed a staggering 925 pounds!  Can you even imagine hauling in a fish that big? It’s like catching a small car!

Tuna are fast and they put up a fight, making tuna fishing a lively experience for all aboard the fishing boat. Known for their strength and stamina, tuna are exciting to catch and Captain Campbell knows where to find them.

Why not book a tuna fishing trip with Labrador Fishing Charters this month? Get on the boat at Mill Wharf Marina in Scituate, MA, just a short drive from Boston. Call 508-498-4716 or email info@labradorfishingcharters.com to reserve your spot today.


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