Whale watching tour Scituate Ma

From Scituate harbor to Stellwagen bank Marine Sanctuary is just a short ride away. One of the world’s most active marine sanctuaries, Stellwagen Bank is abundant with whales, dolphins, sea birds, and other marine life. If there are no whale sightings on your trip, you will receive a trip as that would cost nothing but fuel. for a future whale watch with us.The whale watching tours aboard the Labrador. I have had all people that have ever been on those big boat whale watching tours. They say a private whale watching tour is so much better than the big boat whale watching tours. The reason why is The your not looking down on the whales your at the same level. Being eye to eye with a great whale is breath taking. The fact that your not getting pushed around by to many people trying to see the same thing you are. This is the best resone to book a whale watching tour out of Scituate Ma with the Labrador whale watching tour

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