Why Deep Sea Fishing is The Ultimate Fishing Experience

Deep Sea FishingThere’s fishing and then there’s deep sea fishing. The difference between the two is night and day. Fishing locally is like visiting your neighborhood park with a little swing set, while deep sea fishing is equivalent to a trip to Disney World.

While fishing at your neighborhood pond is mild and nice, it’s not deep sea fishing, which can be and often is the kind of experience you’ll be talking about for years–nay, decades–afterward.

Deep sea fishing requires a big, strong boat (often 35 to 40 feet long) to ply the ocean water in search of the “big ones” like sharks and tuna. These ain’t minnows. These deep sea fish will put up a fight– they do not want to come aboard the boat. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to do everything in your power to reel ‘em in– it’s “the fight of your life” and it’s exhilarating! You’ll feel so alive. Unlike catching a trout in a stream (which takes hardly any time to reel in), trying to reel in an oceangoing tuna may require several hours–yes hours–to “get.” Later on, you’ll want to take a picture with your catch and show it off to every single person you know.

Fishing can be solitary, but deep sea fishing almost always involves a group of guys and gals who enjoy the experience of working together to get the big ones in the boat. Labrador Fishing Charters has experienced captains and crews to take you and your buddies out on the water for a day at sea to see what you can reel in and then brag about. Are you ready for the time of your life off the coast of Massachusetts? If so, call 508-498-4716 or 508-280-4796 to plan your deep sea fishing trip!

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