Why Fishing Has Remained a Top Outdoor Adventure

Fishing has been a recreational sport and food supply source for many years. The first people to step foot on the land of our great nation were fishermen. Since that time, the world of fishing has become so popular that people from all walks of life and age enjoy embarking on a fishing excursion. But, this question may still ponder in your mind, “Why do people love to fish?”

That question cannot be answered in one simple reply. People engage in activities for different reasons, but here are some common answers you might expect if you ask a fisherman why they love to do what they do.

The scenery alone is breathtaking. Whether you choose to fish on a lake or in the middle of the ocean, what surrounds you is spectacular enough to make your day seem brighter. Fishing is one of only a handful of outdoor activities where you can sit still and take in the sights. We travel the waters of Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay where the water is crystal clear blue and the skies are cluttered with clouds and sunshine.

The heightened anticipation when you cast your line is another fascinating part of fishing. Getting down to business, baiting your line and getting in position to cast into the deep blue below is thrilling. A lot of fishermen don’t mind waiting for a fish to bite. Once you see the still water start to ripple, you know you’re onto something!

Reeling in the big one is certainly one of the best feelings in the world.  Finally, after you’ve waited patiently, THE fish decides to take a bite. Now is where the fun begins. Some fish choose to put up a fight, offering you a challenge when reeling it in and this too is an exciting challenge for those who fish. Fishing for a shark is double, no triple, the fun of catching smaller fish. Our captain looks forward to shrieking and cheering with you as you pull in a large Blue shark!

Most fishing excursions take up a good portion of the day. This provides you with quality time to spend with family, friends, or a great captain like ours! Laughing about your fishing expertise, or lack thereof, is worth the trip out to sea.

Finally, sharing the news and catch with friends and family. Every catch is a big deal and you deserve the hooting and hollering as you proudly show off the product of hard work.

Fishing is one of those outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy. Men, women and children of all ages are sure to have a great time fishing with us. If you get to catch a big shark or even spot one lurking around the boat, I would say that’s a reason worth trying to fish in the first place!

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