Why People are Fascinated by Whales

Whale WatchesThere’s a museum in New York City where a giant whale hangs from the ceiling, and as you walk under it, you sense its awesome presence, even though it’s just a representation of a whale. Imagine seeing a whale in person—you’d be in awe, wouldn’t you? They’re huge!

Labrador Fishing Charters now offers whale watching tours off the coast of Massachusetts. Here is your chance to see whales in the wild, and Labrador Fishing Charters’ boats offer the chance to see them at eye level, quite close to the action.

You’d be hard pressed to find a kid who wasn’t amazed by seeing a whale in person—it’s something people of any age don’t soon forget. In the Massachusetts’ coastal waters, there’s a chance to see humpback, finback, minke and orca (killer) whales. Get your cameras out; it’s going to be an exciting boat trip.

People seem to have a fascination with whales for many reasons. Obviously, since whales are the biggest animals on the planet today, they stand out and people can’t believe how immense these things are. Spray from their blowholes and a flap of their tail cause many to say, “Wow.”

Even though they’re huge, whales are generally gentle. Like dolphins, they are social, travel in groups, and seem to like humans. Many people enjoy hearing the sounds whales make, which can have a soothing effect on listeners who get a glimpse into another world.

Whales are also appreciated for their strength and smarts. These mysterious creatures have been swimming in our oceans for centuries, surviving and thriving. Any chance you get to see them in the wild is a real treat. Don’t hesitate to book a whale watching trip with Labrador Fishing Charters; call 508-498-4716 today.

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