Why You Need to Have the Right Pole While Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Mass BayDeep Sea FishingFishing poles, aka “rods,” are like most sporting equipment—made of certain materials, with some variations. Different poles can handle different types of fish, and Labrador Fishing Charters of Scituate, MA, has all the types you’d need to fish the Massachusetts Bay, and fish it well.

Two terms fishermen use when describing rods are “stiffness” and “action.” Stiffness concerns how much force it takes to bend the pole, while action refers to the amount of bend a pole can handle coupled with the speed at which it returns to a neutral position.

Stiffer poles with “fast action” are good for pulling fish such as pike and largemouth bass out of heavy cover, though they may be too stiff, and rip the hook out of a fish’s mouth. Labrador Fishing Charters’ captains like to use heavy duty poles when dealing with giant bluefin tuna in particular. Those tuna are fighters. The largest tuna taken on board the Labrador to date weighed—get this—925 pounds! You need the right kind of pole to catch and reel-in the big ones.

Medium action rods work well for small and large fish, such as sharks and small bluefin tuna. Deep Sea Fishing is Thrilling

Meanwhile, slow action, less stiff rods, which can bend throughout the whole length of the rod, are used for small fish, including striped bass. Slow action rods can also be used to put bait out to attract larger fish, like sharks and giant tuna.

Maybe you’ve never fished before or you have some deep sea fishing experience. Either way, Labrador Fishing Charters can help give you a memorable fishing experience this year. With several different fishing charter packages available, call 508-498-4716 today to find out more information and/or make reservations.

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