Whale watching trips and tours

Whale watching trips and tours will be done next whale watching season a new trip On the Labrador. a private whale watching tour.the whale watching trips will be done out off Massachusetts coast.on a place where we can find the mighty giant whales feeding and a place where you can see these whales living there majestic life on a national marine sanctuary Stellwagen bank.A trip you and your family and friends that will never forget.

Whale watching tour

Take a whale watching tour out of Boston Ma. Head off shore to stellwagen bank on your private whale watching tour. Just you and your friends and family. Watching the biggest animals on the planet. The guides on the whale watching tour. They will answer all the questions about the whales you will be watching,

Striper bass fishing mass bay

Mass Bay fishing charters for big striper bass are a great fish for charter fisherman to go after.we can catch them close to Scituate harbor so the trip is a lot less riding and more time fishing for striper bass,

Private whale watching charter trips

Take a great whale watching adventure. Leave before sunrise for the area that whales are feeding. On the way out to the feeding grounds for the whales. In joy the sunrise.
From a good distance away from the feeding gowns you will see the whales blowing. We will head for the and fallow them for hours enjoying them and there way of life. Great whales are a little ways off the coast take that whale watching trip great time

Boston Ma Fishing Charters

Take a great fishing charter out of Boston Ma with the fishing guides on the boat fishing boat the the Labrador. With the captain Don. He will take you out in mass Bay to catch striper bass on lite tackle. Lots of fun great day out fishing with friends and family

Kids fishing charters

Nothing better to ask your children if they would like to go on a fishing charter trip on the Labrador .Then tell them that the kids fishing charter trip that they will be taking.lets you drive the boat talk on the radio haul lobster pots into the boat and catch and keep the lobster,and catch different types of fish. Your children will love the adventure. Book a great kids fishing charter trip. It is a great time out for your family

Fishing charters in Ma

Looking to take a fishing charter out Of Ma. Labrador Fishing Charters is out of Scituate harbor in Ma. It is a 20 min ride for Boston Ma. And 50 min ride from cape cod Ma.
Labrador Fishing Charters Of Scituate harbor takes people out in Mass Bay going after big game fish like giant bluefin tuna and mako shark great day out in mass Bay. The guides on the boat will always take and put the fishing charter men on a great day of sport fishing

Fishing charters for striper bass

Striper bass fishing charters in Massachusetts Bay are s great fishing adventure for family and friends. We use lite gear to catch big fish. You will love catching striper bass when you see striper bass crashing after the bait they feed and you throw a top water plug into the school of striper bass and you hook up. Get that bass to the boat and go hook up to another one , time and time again.

Charter fishing giant bluefin tuna

A great fishing charter trip in Massachusetts Bay is going after giant bluefin tuna. These giant fish can weigh over one thousand pounds.book a day or a half day,to catch the fish of your life aboard the Labrador with captain Don and his guides on mass Bay to get the shot of catching a tuna.