Shark Fishing Massachusetts Bay
with the Labrador Fishing Charters

Labrador Fishing Charters offers an exciting day-long shark fishing trip. You’ll travel the waters of Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay in search of these monster fish. The four dominate species of shark in the area are Mako, Blue, Porbeagle, and Thresher.

All of these types of shark are typically aggressive, some more than others. Not to fret though, with our experienced Captain – Don “Soup” Campbell and his lifelong experiene sailing these waters, over 30 as a commercial fisherman, you’ll be in good hands.

The Blue Shark tends to be the most prominent of the four species found in the MA waters. They usually range anywhere from 100lbs – 450lbs! The Thresher Shark is one of the more thrilling catches as they are one of the only species that will jump completely out of the water, and with their extremely long tail, that can be just as long as their body it is quite the sight to see! The Mako and Porbeagle tend to be aggressive and an exciting catch as well. Unlike the Thresher, the Porbeagle will not jump out of the water when hooked. Mako jump way out of the water when they eat a hook.

With the waters getting warmer and the ever growing population of seals in our area you may also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a Great White while patrolling the waters, we are not allowed to fish these great animals but they have been known to make an appearance or two while chumming the waters.

Shark fishing season is best during late July through late October. Labrador Fishing Charters also offers inshore shark fishing for children. All of our shark fishing trips are also paired with Tuna, Blue, and Bass fishing as well. Turn to Labrador Fishing Charters for all your shark fishing needs.