Tips to Become a Better Angler

Fishing CharterYou can read books and websites about fishing, but there’s nothing else quite like real-life fishing to help you become a better angler.

Here’s a crazy idea that some people have actually done: offer to spend the day working—for free—on a fishing boat. Go to the docks, early in the morning, and approach some charter boat workers, assuring them you’ll work hard and not get in the way.

If the Captain agrees to the idea of having you come aboard to watch and learn, you’ll work hard, have a fishing experience you can tell your friends about, and probably learn more in one day than a year of fishing on your own.

Another idea to become a better angler is to try fishing with lure and feathers, and then switch to live bait, and see the improvement. Keep in mind that lures are live bait imitators, and imitations are never as good as “the real thing.” If you ask most anglers, they will tell you that live bait is much more effective at catching fish compared to lures. Live bait can include mackerel, sardines, or live squids, among others.

Finally, you’re going to catch fish where other people catch fish. Instead of just going to a body of water and hoping to snag a catch if you “get lucky,” do some pre-planning. Talk to fellow anglers in the area at the bait shop, and ask where the best spots are. At the docks, if you see a charter boat, ask where they’d recommend fishing—or, better yet, go on a trip with them. They’d probably take you right to the best fishing spots since charters have sophisticated fish finding equipment, valuable fishing experience, and know the area well.

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Why Fishing Charters are Ideal for New Anglers

Guided Fishing ToursIf you were to go out fishing and catch nothing, you’d be disappointed, right? The main point of fishing is to have fun and catch something, but often times, the former has a direct impact on the latter. Catching a fish is a truly distinct feeling, and is an enticing reward for your patience and focus while out on the water. Have you ever seen a picture of someone standing next to a 5-foot long fish they caught without a big smile on their face?  That is a prime example of why catching a fish; especially a sizable one, is so special!

Labrador Fishing Charters is an experienced fishing charter you need to connect with if you’re a new angler and you want to catch “the big one” off the shores of Boston, Massachusetts. Labrador Fishing Charters is set-up so you can have fishing fun and fishing success!  Regardless, of your skill and experience level, we will put you in a position to catch a memorable trophy!

Rather than worry about acquiring all “the right equipment,” and how to properly use that equipment, it’s great to have a guide– who fishes on an almost daily basis– show you the ropes.
The captain of your fishing charter knows the water he’s in because he spends most of his waking hours on the water, searching for fish. He’s passionate about deep sea fishing.

Would you rather go at it alone, out into the big sea, wondering where to find fish? No. You should go with a captain and crew and some buddies to have an awesome and victorious fishing experience. The captain will steer the big boat to spots full of fish to catch. The crew will help you bait the hook(s), cast the nets, and whatever else needs to be done to score the big catch! Reel it in!

Get out of the house. Leave the office behind. Go on an adventure. Book your Labrador Fishing Charter today!

Why Fishing Charters Are a Great Group Activity

Ideas for Kid's PartiesEach year, we search for new and creative ways to celebrate special occasions or to carve out time for get-togethers with friends or family.  However, simply trekking to the same restaurant, or hosting a party at your home can be tiresome, dull, and even burdensome.

The next time you are looking for a unique and exciting group activity, consider taking a fishing charter.  Regardless of your skill or experience level, you and your group can take in the sights and sounds of the Massachusetts Bay, and enjoy the thrilling pursuit of a catch.  Guests of Labrador Fishing Charters have the opportunity to catch tuna from June through November; striped bass and bluefish from June through October; ground fish, such as codfish; and even sharks from late July to late October! Experienced anglers will salivate at the thought of catching a memorable trophy, while novice anglers will see why so many people love to fish.

Groups can embark on a fishing charter for a variety of reasons.  For starters, many people love to celebrate their birthday out on the water, especially younger anglers.  In fact, we even have a special package available for children’s fishing trips, which are an ideal forum for their birthday party.

Additionally, a fishing charter would be a great way to spend a day with the guys or girls.  You have the opportunity to create new memories, and to enjoy friendly competition amongst friends, as you see has the most successful outing.  A ½ day in-shore fishing package, or a weekday special could be a great way to spend time with your pals.

One of our most popular trips, the full day, deep sea combo trip is a great way to celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette party, or another special celebration.  Additionally, many groups of anglers who enjoy fishing together in ponds, or lakes love to “step up their game” and see how many notable trophies they can catch during their day with us.

Lastly, fishing charters are a wonderful activity for families on vacation.  If you have an opening in your itinerary, consider going deep sea fishing, and enjoy seeing an array of sea creatures while trying to bag a few fish!

Tips for Catching the Big Massachusetts Cod

Fishing Charter

“Fishing  is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.” –Herbert Hoover

Catching a huge Massachusetts cod delivers an inimitable feeling of accomplishment and freedom. Catching this big, elusive fish is often easier said than done; a cod can range anywhere from ten to sixty pounds, with some even being over 200 pounds!

Bait is subjective, and many of us anglers are stubborn when we find something that works. This breeds a lot of conflicting information online and in conversations. Ask one experienced angler for a few options to try, or give us a call for help. Nobody needs to decide for you though, keep with the trial-and-error until you find bait that you love. Because of the cod’s feeding style, many anglers opt for crabs, worms, and clams.

If you’re going after the big cod, remember that they’re bottom feeders. The size of the fish, coupled with fast waves and tides, calls for a five to eight foot, heavy-duty rod, with 50lb. line.

Time of year is crucial, as cod migrate inshore during winter for breeding season. Winter fishing brings cod in about three to five miles from the shore. If you want to catch the big ones, throw on some winter gear because this will definitely improve your chances for success.

Finally, the major factor to your success is your location. If you’re fishing on your own, you want to make sure you’re in a highly populated area. When you’re with us, you don’t have to focus on this part; we know the best places to fish in the Massachusetts Bay!


Fishing the Infamous Cod in Massachusetts

Fishing the Infamous Cod in Massachusetts

Cod is a very sacred fish species in the state of Massachusetts. Its importance began in the times of Native Americans living on the land, long before the first settlers set foot on what they “discovered” as America. In 1602, explorer Bartholomew Gosnold provided the name Cape Cod for the infamous location where he caught tons and tons of cod. Fast forward to the present and fishing for cod is a Massachusetts state tradition. There’seven a sculpture of the cod in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

However, there have been many restrictions placed upon cod fishing to ensure that there is a high number of cod for everyone to catch. The limit placed upon cod fishing has resulted in a decent number of cod available to anglers and casual fishers enjoying a charter during the summer months. (more…)

Fishing in Massachusetts

Fishing in Massachusetts

Fishing in the state of Massachusetts is a year round activity. Whether for recreational or commercial purposes, fishing in Massachusetts is a part of everyone’s lifestyle. You can fish in both freshwater and saltwater for some of the most desired catches that anglers dreams of.

The top sought after species found in waters surrounding MA are striped bass, bluefish, Black Sea bass, mackerel, tuna (giant bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna), cod, and the sharks, blue and mako. Aside from cod, which can be fished all year round, most of the species above can be fished beginning in early Spring to October.

There are a lot of great fishing spots in the state of Massachusetts and this is why people visit us all year. This is also why you’ll find fishing charters available throughout the year. Fishing in Massachusetts is not just reserved for the experienced anglers, families alike can join in the fun as well. (more…)

The Beast Of The Atlantic: The Bluefin Tuna

The Beast Of The Atlantic: The Bluefin Tuna

The state of Massachusetts is widely known for legendary fishing. The salty sea boasts many different types of fish, especially the torpedo-shaped, giant bluefin tuna. This fish is a very popular catch. Anglers from all over the country visit Massachusetts during the prime bluefin tuna fishing season.

Since the 1930’s, the bluefin tuna has played a large part in being a big-game recreational fishing fish. The giant bluefin tuna is very profitable for the state of Massachusetts. One giant bluefin tuna can bring in as much as $10,000 to  $20,000. The commercial giant bluefin tuna industry brings in a whopping $7,000,000 a year. (more…)

Tis’ the Season for Cod Fishing in Massachusetts

The Atlantic Cod has held the reputation for being one of the most sought after catches in Massachusetts. Fishermen from all over the country come to Massachusetts for a chance to reel in this amazing fish.   Cod has always been a large contributor to the Massachusetts economy.  In fact, because cod was so plentiful in the waters surrounding Massachusetts, English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold named Cape Cod after the beloved fish in 1602.

Massachusetts Bay is renowned for cod fishing, and we are about to embark on a new season starting in April. Labrador Fishing Charters would like to welcome you to join us on one of our many cod fishing excursions. Because we have fished in Mass Bay for many years, we’ve mapped out the very best spots for cod fishing success. (more…)

Why Fishing Has Remained a Top Outdoor Adventure

Fishing has been a recreational sport and food supply source for many years. The first people to step foot on the land of our great nation were fishermen. Since that time, the world of fishing has become so popular that people from all walks of life and age enjoy embarking on a fishing excursion. But, this question may still ponder in your mind, “Why do people love to fish?”

That question cannot be answered in one simple reply. People engage in activities for different reasons, but here are some common answers you might expect if you ask a fisherman why they love to do what they do. (more…)

For the Novice Anglers

Deep-sea Fishing vs. In-shore Fishing

A commonly asked question by our novice anglers is “what is the difference between deep sea fishing and in-shore fishing?”  The first answer to the question is an obvious one.  You go deep-sea fishing in deep water, and you go in-shore fishing in shallower water.  Generally speaking, fishing at depths of at least 30 meters, or 100 feet deep is considered deep sea fishing.   Although that is the easy answer, there are several other differences between the two.