Sport fishing charters are a great time

A sport fishing charter is a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family.
Sport fishing for a giant bluefin tuna in Mass Bay or heading over to race point at the tip of cape cod chasing schools of striper bass and a great time when your hooked up and do battle with a giant fish that you just saw smash your lure.,

The little guy with a proud smile

Never forget the family that took a children fishing charter on the Labrador. The family loved the the day the wind was calm the sunshine was beautiful and there boy was having fun with the ride on the boat and the anticipation was great when we were talking about the big fish he will be catching on the fishing charter.
When I marked some fish on the fish finder I stopped the boat over top of the fish. My fishing guide got the rod called the little guy over to the starboard side of the boat hands him the rod and the little guy sends the bait to the bottom. The second the bait hit the bottom. The little guy was battling a fish. He was so excited when he saw the fish coming up. When he got it aboard. You can see the smile on his face. So proud of that little fish it was as big as a giant bluefin tuna to him. Children fishing charters are a great time for your family out of Mass Bay with captain Don and his Guides

Help a friend get a giant bluefin tuna in.

In the time I have been fishing for giant bluefin tuna out on Mass Bay. I get a call on the radio from a friend that he needs some help getting a giant bluefin tuna on board his vessel. This photo is one of those times. I had to send a fishing guide that works my over to help him. What a nice giant bluefin tuna fish we help lift in his vessel…

Private whale watching tour

Take a private whale watching tour on the boat the Labrador out of Scituate Ma. With Captain Don.
Experience the humpback whales so close to the boat you look in the eye with the mighty humpback whale that can grow longer than 60 feet. It will take your breath away
Taking a whale watching tour privately in Ma Bay is a experience of a life time

Children fishing trips

Take a fun family charter fishing trip out in Ma Bay with captain Don and his guides.
Captain Don is a man who loves to see in many children fishing trip the kids catching their first fish ever. This is a great fishing charter trip the family will never forget..

Striper bass fishing charters

Striper bass fishing charters are a great sport fishing charter in Ma Bay. The striper bass are targeted out in front of Scituate harbor for a half day fishing charter aboard the boat the Labrador
Early morning sunrise is a nice part of the day to go after striper bass,that’s when striper bass love to feed.and the fishing charter fisherman loves to catch

Striper bass in Ma Bay

Striper bass fishing charters is a great fishing charter in Ma Bay
Striper bass is a strong battling fish to go after on a fishing charter trip.
Captain Don uses lite tackle To fish for big striper bass,the fishing charter fisherman it will test there skills to get a beautiful size striper bass in the boat out of Mass Bay