Striper bass fishing charters in Massachusetts Bay

The striper bass fishing charter is coming up at the end of May for a great season of striper fishing charters,when you hook up to a striper bass,you can feel the power in that fish. As he rips out the line off the do everything right you get him up onto the boat it is a great feeling.. take a trip this season. On the Labrador

Whales are here do a private whale watching charter

It is the time of year to book a private whale watching charter tour out in Mass Bay. To watch the big humpback whales and many other different types of whales that make there home in Ma Bay. Take a trip for a great whale watching trip aboard the whale watching boat the Labrador.A whale watching trip you will never forget

Deep sea fishing charter

Take a deep sea fishing charter on mass bay. The guides will bait your hook clean all the haddock red fish cusk and any thing else you may catch. If we see shark or bluefin tuna fish we will set up and try to hook one of them..

Tuna hunter in Massachusetts Bay

Captain Don is one that has been a tuna hunter in Mass Bay for over 30 years and is one of the best at at finding giant bluefin tuna. So that the fisherman on his boat can hook up to the dream of there life.and see if there a good enough angler to boat a giant bluefin tuna

Striper bass and giant bluefin tuna fishing charters

Striper bass and giant bluefin tuna fishing charters are the best money spent by any fisherman that is looking for great action.fighting one of the biggest fish in the world the bluefin tuna and fighting fish with light tackle the striper bass.All in one trip aboard the Labrador .

Giant bluefin tuna hunter

When you take a fishing charter to go fishing for big bluefin tuna.capt Don will tell you on board the Labrador to keep your eyes open and look all around because we are the hunter out here in mass bay.and if you see whales tell the guides on the boat because tuna swim and feed with whales and that is where we start fishing for those giant bluefin tuna

Children fishing charters Ma

Kids love to fish.There is nothing that is better than to see your children taking turn reeling a bluefin tuna fish in on mass bay the guides on the charter boat helping them get the tuna aboard the Labrador.