Giant bluefin tuna hunter

If your looking for a giant bluefin tuna hunter,look know farther.Capt Don is as good as they come.He has been a Tuna hunter for many years out in Mass Bay. Him and his guides will always try there best for the fisherman to hook up on a giant tuna

Private whale watching charters out of Boston Ma

Take private whale watching charter out of Boston Mass out in mass Bay see whales that come up beside the boat. See them eye to eye close up.the whale is amazing animal to see and take photos of and just relax watching all the marine life out in mass Bay the guides will answer all your questions.

Watching for giant bluefin tuna

When captain Don and his guides set up a drift for giant bluefin tuna in Massachusetts Bay. The fishing charter clients never noses what will show up next to the charter boat.The biggest fish in the world may show up the ocean sunfish which can grow up to 5000 lbs