Charter fishing fun in Ma

Take a charter fishing trip on my boat the Labrador. Sportfishing is fantastic in mass Bay. We go sport fishing for giant bluefin tuna shark striped bass and bluefish. On the way out you will see beautiful sunrises and the giant whale that frequent MassBay

Whale watching tours cape cod

Whale watching tours off cape cod Ma is a beautiful place to go and see the whales doing their thing.
The best time to go find whales off cape cod is early morning that’s where you find that the whales are feeding off the little fish they eat. You see them feeding by themselves or with many other whales .It is a great way to see the whales on a private whale watching tour..

Big whale watching tours Ma

Whale watching tours are the best way to make a great day out on mass bay.A private whale watching tour. This is a great way to see the family of whales out on stellwagen Bank.That feed right next to you and come by the boat looking at you and are making all sorts of sounds at you. Beautiful mighty Atlantic giants . You will see humpback whale minke whale the giant fin back whale. Such a wonderful place to be.. something you and your friends and family will never forget

Striped bass fishing charters ma

Striped bass fishing charters are are lot of fun out on mass bay.The striped bass fishing charters start in June. We fish for them from Boston harbor to cape cod. The best way to catch those striped bass is on the top of the water you see that bass crash on the lure many times. When you get hooked up the game is on. Great fun and great way to spend your day..

Sport fishing charters Ma

Sport fishing charters are a way to go fishing.Sport fishing for tuna shark and bass with lite gear is a blast. It is the only way to do battle with a big fish. You can be on a giant blue shark for hours but when you get it in the boat it is one of the best feelings you can ever get..

Deep sea fishing charters

Deep sea fishing charters are a great way to spend a day with friends and family out in mass bay chasing cod and haddock. When we head out on mass bay It is a 20 mile ride to get to the deep sea fishing grounds . Some days we fish for them in a hundred feet of water up to 300 ft . When the bite is on you and your party will fill the coolers up with your cod and haddock the guides on board will clean your haddock and cod. As your deep sea fishing for more 

Sport fishing charters ma

Great fishing charter

Great striped bass fishing charters in Ma book a striped bass fishing charter trip this summer season

Take a sport fishing charter trip out of  Scituate Ma. Great way to spend your day going fishing for some of the greatest fish to go sport fishing for aboard the Labrador and it’s guides out on mass bay. Chasing giant bluefin tuna, mako shark and other sport fishing fish we do on a sport fishing charter. If you want to fish for bottom fish we also do that type of fishing 

Giant bluefin tuna

We chase giant bluefin tuna starting June 1 the big tuna will be here then it is going to be a great fishing season this year for all the fish we go after. Book a great day off out fishing in mass bay. Captain Don and his guides will give you a great fishing charter