Tours in mass bay whale watching charters

Tours in mass bay for whales along with doing a full day of a fishing charter is a great way to spend a day fishing. Just let the captain know that you are interested in seeing whales up close if they are near the boat. The captain will take you to see the mighty Atlantic whales

Striped Charter fishermen in Ma

Taking a striped bass fishing charter trip this season starts in the beginning of June. The striped bass we catch out in Massachusetts Bay can be big big fish that bite.The two bass your looking at are big boys. That’s what you get a big smile from

Time to take a shark fishing charter

Shark fishing is a great way to do a fishing trip out on mass bay. The best time is in the summer. Mid June all the way into fall . Shark are great to sport fish for. And if you catch and boat the right one. The guides on board the Labrador will be getting your shark ready for your coolers.

Bluefin tuna and striped fishing charters

When you do a full day fishing charter in mass bay,The Captain of the Labrador always offers a combination fishing charter.The captain always knows what two sport fish should be targeted.tuna fish and striped bass feed in the same area on the coast of cape cod. What a combo to fish for. Striped bass and tuna fish. If they are there we will catch them.

Bluefin tuna under 73 in mass bay

Bluefin tuna that are less than 73 inches are the size tuna a fishing charter party can take home from Mass Bay, anything over 73inches has to be sold. I always like to see the look on my fishing charter fisherman taking one home to eat

Charter fisherman smile

I love when I get to take a photo of my charter fisherman out on a striped bass fishing charter hold a nice one up to show me and I get a photo that will last forever